How to Find High Paying Careers without a Degree

Below, you will find some of our recommendations for those who are looking for high paying jobs without a degree. Many people only think that good paying jobs are available to those with college degrees. While having further education can greatly improve your chances of making more of an income, you can still find high paying careers without a degree. You just have to know where to look. Check out each job fields below and take the time to consider what is available, as well as the pay associated with these positions.

Retail Jobs:

One of the most important prerequisites for getting employed in the retail sector is that you should be personable and be able to relate to customers on a personal level. Retail jobs are ideal for those who like meeting and talking to new people and there are plenty of opportunities for anyone who shows initiative to grow, such as a store manager. These jobs require little or no education. In fact not only do you not need a college degree in order to get a job in retail, you do not even need a high school diploma or GED. There are some retail jobs that pay more than others and you can make a pretty decent living in this sector. Those who work at selling clothing, electronics and even hardware can get paid commissions in some stores, which means the more you sell, the more you make. Even those who work in non-commission retail can work a 40 hour week and get decent wages. Many stores even hire stockers, such as grocery stores, to work overnight shifts, which sometimes pay good overtime rates. Find Available Retail Jobs in Your Area By Zip Code

Warehouse Jobs:

Warehouse jobs pay a good starting wage and usually involve stocking items as well as filling orders. If you can understand simple directions and take orders from a foreman, that’s all you need to be able to land a warehouse job. There are several different industries that warehouse their goods. These goods are then shipped to various locations throughout the country and even around the world. Those who work in the warehouse are often responsible for inventorying receivable goods that are stored until being shipped out to customers. These customers may be individuals or businesses. There are also opportunities for advancement in this field for those who aspire to managerial positions. Warehouse jobs can pay a good living wage and are some of the highest paying jobs without a degree. Find Available Warehouse Jobs in Your Area By Zip Code

Customer Service Jobs:

There is an increase in demand in the United States for customer service jobs. There has been a great deal of controversy over the fact that larger companies are outsourcing customer service jobs to other countries and for this reason, organizations that are keeping their business in the United States are advertising that they are doing so in order to win over patriotic clients. Most customer service jobs will typically involve answering phone calls, although there are plenty of customer service jobs where an individual works face to face with customers. This is usually in the travel or hospitality related industry such as hotels, airlines, car rentals and similar industries. Those who like working with people and are capable of problem solving are best equipped for these types of jobs, which require just a high school diploma or GED in most cases. No college education is required for the majority of jobs in customer service. Find Available Customer Service Jobs in Your Area By Zip Code

Healthcare Jobs which Do Not Require a Degree:

There are a number of healthcare jobs that are out there for those who want to make some good money but who do not have a degree. These jobs include home care specialists and even in-home rehabilitation specialists. Anyone who likes to work with people in their homes will enjoy home care as this is one field in this industry that requires no education, although an empathy towards others as well as a good background are key essentials. Working in these home healthcare jobs will basically involve taking care of seniors who may need assistance now and then with their daily chores as well as those who are ill or injured and need someone to help them. The duties may range depending upon the requirements, but basically you get paid to look after someone, who is housebound and who cannot move around freely. Find Available Healthcare Jobs in Your Area By Zip Code

Entry Level Jobs:

There are plenty of internships, college jobs and jobs for teenagers. Entry level jobs for teenagers can easily be found in restaurants, malls and most retail outlets. Teenagers and college students, who are looking for school jobs can first take a look at the school to see if there are any jobs available. In many cases, there are jobs at the schools that pay; this is especially true when it comes to college jobs. If you are going to college to study in a particular field, you can take a look at internships in that field that may help you land a job once they complete college. While the down side to an internship is that it does not pay well, the wealth of experience you will gain is invaluable. The other benefit to these jobs is that they usually lead to employment and they add weight to a resume as experience regardless. If you are ultimately aiming for a long term career, it is a good idea to look for internships in the field that you plan to major in. Find Available Entry Level Jobs in Your Area By Zip Code

Delivery/Driver Jobs:

Working for a delivery company performing driver jobs is one way to make a living without having to earn a degree. There are various companies that hire for delivery/driver jobs as well as companies whose business is all about delivery of parcels. There is no education required for most of these jobs, but you will soon find that what is most important is having a clean driving record. You do not need to have a special license in order to drive most delivery trucks. Knowledge of the rules of the road, a driving license and a high school education is all that is usually needed in order to land jobs with FedEx, UPS and other private carriers. There are even special contents haulers that make even more money than those who carry ordinary items. These are jobs that someone, without a college education, can attain in order to make a good living. Find Available Delivery Jobs in Your Area By Zip Code

Hospitality/ Hotel Jobs:

Hospitality hotel jobs can be found in customer service, such as the Concierge, who makes sure that all of the questions are answered by a guest, directs them to various restaurants, centers and other points of interest that they are seeking while staying in a hotel. There are also housekeepers, bartenders, and servers such as waiters and waitresses that are needed for these jobs. A good rapport with people is a necessary skill, in order to succeed in the hospitality/hotel jobs, because they are all about hospitality and trying to make people feel at home. These jobs require no education other than high school. They pay a decent living wage for anyone who wishes to work in this industry and can also lead to more opportunities later down the road. Find Available Hospitality Jobs in Your Area By Zip Code

Education Jobs which Do Not Require a Degree:

There are plenty of education jobs for those who want to work in schools as a teaching assistant, librarian or even a cafeteria worker. There is also the option of school bus drivers, another career choice when it comes to education jobs. Those who like working with children in a school environment are ideal for these jobs. Moms with children at home are ideal for taking education jobs because they will be working when the schools are open, so this is a good choice for someone, who has small children at home and does not want to pay a babysitter or impose on someone to watch the kids while they are at work. Education jobs such as teaching assistants can even lead to higher careers in the education field as many teachers begin as being teaching assistants. These jobs offer a great deal of flexibility and are some of the highest paying jobs without a degree. Find Available Education Jobs in Your Area By Zip Code

Automotive Jobs:

Automotive jobs are out there for someone who has a taste for tinkering around with cars, but is not a licensed mechanic. You can work in oil change and maintenance to a certain degree and even get on the job training without having anything but a high school education. You can also go into car sales and even service sales at dealerships if you know at least the basics about cars and also like to work with people. If you lean towards sales you can look towards car sales and service sales, both of which are usually commission jobs and can end up paying quite a bit of money. Oil change and maintenance jobs are preferable for those who like working with cars, understand the basic concept of how to change oil or a tire for example, but might not be a certified car mechanic. These automotive jobs can work well for those who do not have a college education as they can pay good wages. Find Available Automotive Jobs in Your Area By Zip Code

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