Job Interview Follow-Up Tips

While you may think that after you step through the door when a job interview is finished that the process is over,  it really is not. In most cases, you will not yet have the job. There may be many other people who are yet to be interviewed – some that may do better at the interview than you. So, how do you make an impression and pull ahead of the rest of the people who are applying for the job? We have a few tips for following-up after the interview that should help you.

First Follow-Up: Thank You

Immediately after your job interview, you should write out a personal thank you card and drop it in the mail. It should be really simple – not too cute or funny or unprofessional. Taking the time to send a thank you card can really put you ahead of others who are applying for the position you are. It doesn’t take a lot of time or money either. Make sure you send it to the appropriate people at the company – most likely the person who interviewed you.

Second Follow-Up: Email

A few days after the card, you should follow up with a short and simple email. You want to try to time the email so it arrives the day of your thank you card or the day after. You can’t time this perfectly of course, but a few days after you mail the thank you card should be long enough. Keep the email brief and thank them again, asking if they have come to any conclusions about the position.

Third Follow-Up: Phone Call

If you still haven’t heard anything in a couple weeks, try calling the person who interviewed you. Again, be professional and brief, but remind them who you are and ask whether the position has been filled. Your answer may vary, of course, but you are probably going to know whether or not you have a chance for the job or should keep looking.

Job Interview Follow-Up Tips

Here are some general tips to keep in mind for after the job interview.

Stay Professional – You want to make sure you keep up a professional appearance at all times – even in a thank you letter or phone call.
Keep it Brief – Don’t waste the other person’s valuable time. Get to the point quickly and end it there.

With these job interview follow-up tips, you should be able to stand out from the crowd of applicants – all with very little effort.

K. Paul Mallasch is publisher of California Jobs Info, which can help with your California Job Search.

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