Job Interview Attitude

Job interviews are something that almost every person has to go through at one time or another in their life. It should be a time of equal give and take from the interviewer and the interviewee. Even if the most you take away from a job interview is more practice, that half to one hour should have helped you in some ways if not many. Learning more about yourself in an interview shows you your strengths and weaknesses that you may have not noticed on your own. It is also a great way for you to preview your skills to the employer.

Every interview should be an opportunity to refine your interviewing skills while keeping your eye on the big picture. The most effective way to plan your interview and preview you to the employer is to get back to basics. Don’t think that just because you have been on countless interviews you are a pro. Getting back to the basics gives you a fresh mental start to each interview hopefully leading to a new beginning.

Look professional. The moment you enter a room someone will notice you. These are the first and most vital seconds of a first impression. You don’t have to have the latest fashion going on. It is how well you carry yourself and your confidence in your appearance that an employer will notice first.

Establish eye contact immediately. Speak with a steady voice and relax. When you introduce yourself or are introduced to the interviewer, shake hands in a firm manner. This will project a confident air. Always ask before sitting or wait to be offered a seat. This always indicates a respectful attitude.

Smile! Go to your interview with a good attitude. No one wants to work with someone who doesn’t have a good attitude so lighten up and smile. An interviewer is much more likely to warm up to you immediately if they feel that you are open to the conversation. Try not to fake your smile. It is hard when you are nervous to act calm but it’s something that you will need to work on if you want to project a natural smile in the interview.

Be yourself. If the interviewer doesn’t select you when you are being yourself (and fill the hiring criteria), with a professional attitude and a smile then the position may not be a good fit after all. Keep in mind that finding a job is a numbers game and from the interviewers standpoint, it is nothing personal. Remember that every interview is good practice for when you are interviewing for that perfect job and you finally get the offer.

The hiring process is changing in Recruitment due to inflated candidate numbers and Recruiters are having a hard time identifying the right candidate for the job. Be prepared to prove your worth with a resume, cover letter and reference page specifically designed to help you stand out from the crowd by pinpointing hiring managers desires and getting into the interview stage of the hiring process.
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